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Date(s) - 24/05/2019 - 26/05/2019
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Location: The Old Joint Stock Pub & Theatre
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A unique story, that can be told by only one person. The son of a Saturday night favourite, a father who performed with Bing Crosby, Bob Hope and Andy Williams; the child who ended up with nothing, penniless and in care.

In a unique collaboration between Ted’s son, Danny Rogers, and writer Tom Glover, Bin & Gone is a one man show which tells the story of Ted Rogers, the story of his son, and the story of the seventies and eighties themselves.

As a variety performer himself, Danny sings, dances and acts his way through the tale, weaving the tale of his father’s rise to fame and fortune from the post-war Variety of the fifties, through the heady boom of the eighties, to the devastating crash of the nineties. A mix of comedy and tragedy, the show, like Ted’s life, takes the audience on a journey of highs and lows in this theatrical take on a showbiz almost-great.

Bin & Gone is a fascinating, funny and touching exploration of British showbiz in the seventies and eighties –  told from a uniquely personal perspective.

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Age Limits: 18+

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