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Date(s) - 02/09/2022 - 18/09/2022

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Birmingham Town Hall

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From Friday 2nd to Sunday 18th September 2022, step into a city-centre forest garden of magical proportions where you will be welcomed by an epic array of colour and nature at PoliNations!

Giant architectural trees drink rainwater and create electricity using wind power, as the forest garden plays host to a vibrant and spectacular free events programme situated in an oasis of thousands of plants and flowers co-planted by the city’s residents.

Taking the form of an epic forest-garden bursting with living plant life and sheltered by 40-foot tall architectural trees in Birmingham’s Victoria Square, PoliNations uncovers the origin stories of many mainstays of traditional UK gardens, including the ‘Hybrid Tea Rose’ (hybridised China and Asian forms) and apple trees (imported from Kazakhstan). Together they paint a picture of the journeys, migration, dispersal of plants we now consider to be part of our shared ecological identity, celebrating our differences, our roots, and our future, and emphasising the importance of access to green spaces and a healthy planet.

From Friday 2nd to Sunday 18th September 2022 Victoria Square will bloom into a vibrant living oasis filled with thousands of plants that have been co-grown and co-planted with local schools and community groups. It will be brought to life through free forest tours, audio baths, live music and light shows, costume design workshops, sensory experiences, spoken word and more!

PoliNations is FREE and EVERYONE is invited!

Opening Weekend: 2-4 September: PoliNations opens! Hundreds of plants will be co-planted by local communities and schools who have nurtured them from seed, ready to take pride of place in the forest garden.

Spoken Word Weekend: 10-11 September: In addition to the regular daily programming, PoliNations will present a weekend of spoken word events, featuring performances from the brightest sparks from the local, national and international spoken word scene.

The Grand Finale: 15-18 September: Programming for the grand finale starts on Thursday 15 September with an acclaimed Rangoli artist creating a massive, beautiful piece of artwork that will gradually sprawl out into the forest, while Henna artists offer intricate personal designs.

On Saturday 17 September, the canopies of the giant architectural trees will burst into a joyful cloud of confetti and colour for the Ballistic Seed Party. This is Pride, Carnival and Holi combined in one brilliant, messy, playful all-day-all-night party and everyone is invited. Attendees can enjoy epic performancestake part in Holi celebrations, and enjoy live music showcasing the best up-and-coming talent.

Sunday 18 September is the final day of PoliNations and dedicated to self-care with chilled out acoustic music, spoken word events, poetry and storytelling sessions for all to enjoy in the blissful oasis. Once PoliNations ends, the plants and saplings will be shared with local communities, public institutions and private homes and contribute to the growth of Birmingham’s green spaces.

Find out more at www.polinations.com

Website: Full link http://www.yoursite.com

Email: lizzy@triggerstuff.co.uk

Dress Code: None

Age Limits: N/A

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